We have created new eco-friendly biological fertilizers and additives for the animal, bird and fish food based on zeolites and diatomites enriched with active amino acids and plant extracts.
Modified zeolites, enriched with amino acids and plant extracts, are a new ecological, mineral and organic direction on an industrial basis. The synergistic interaction of zeolites (diatomites) and active amino acids, as well as plant extracts, makes it one of the most powerful biofertilizers for agriculture and the most effective feed additive for livestock.
Unlike other methods of chemical synthesis or enzymatic hydrolysis of organic wastes, the "Cellular Biosynthesis" method allows to obtain the amino acids with low molecular weight, with the size of less than 10 angstroms and high biological activity.
These exceptional qualities allow amino acids to penetrate into the microscopic pores of activated zeolites, retain in them and, if necessary, participate in electron-ion processes between the zeolites and the environment, whether it is the microvilli of the plant root system or the gastrointestinal tract of animals. Active amino acids (AA) are well adsorbed by the modified zeolites and diatomites. These amino acids have a low molecular weight and size, and at the same time they have high biological activity. They easily penetrate into the microscopic activated pores of zeolites and activly participate in electron-ion processes inside the zeolites and diatomites. Zeolites and diatomites adsorbed by the active amino acids are a new, highly ecological biofertilizer. This is one of the most powerful crop nutrients. Under supervision of ZEO BIO LLC, modified zeolites were enriched with active amino acids in Asia, Europe, USA and Russia. The produced ZEO-BIO biofertilizers were used in the experimental fields of these regions. The experiments were conducted under the guidance of soil scientists and agrochemists, and involved highly qualified specialists. The obtained results have been confirmed by test reports. Very good results have also been obtained in livestock, poultry and fish farming with ZEO-AMINO bioadditives.
Zeolite and diatomite are natural minerals of volcanogenic-sedimentary origin, permeated with the thinnest cavities and canals, providing the properties of a molecular sieve. These voids are filled with the cations of alkali and alkaline-earth metals and water molecules that have a considerable freedom of movement. It is the porous structure and diverse composition of ions that determine qualities that making zeolite and diatomite indispensable for the use in the chemical, nuclear, and food industries, as well as agriculture and medicine.
Nature as a source of inspiration
There are more than 280 deposits and manifestations of zeolite-containing rocks in the world
Properties of zeolites
High ion exchange capacity
Adsorbent and donor properties
Ability to absorb and release moisture
Prolongation of the action of the enriched product up to 5 years
Providing the soil and living organisms with the elements they need
Soil remediation
In Spain, Portugal, Poland, the United Arab Emirates, the USA, Turkey, Iran, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia and Russia, original methods for modifying natural zeolites were studied and introduced into production to increase their sorption and ion exchange capacity, with a prolonged action of up to 5 years, with the purpose to replace chemical fertilizers.
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