Due to the use of an industrial production process, through a synthesis that imitates natural mechanisms of action, it was possible to isolate 20 L-amino acids necessary for life and, by combining them, to obtain products with free, pure and biologically active amino acids of the right profile. This process has also allowed to obtain oligopeptides of the reduced molecular weight that comply with the cellular transcription factors, by the composition, quantity, sequence and weight, and guarantee a clean process without wastes or contamination at all stages of production.

While being biostimulants, all abovementioned allows our products to become a part of vegetable protein and regulate the metabolism in a balanced manner impacting transcription factors.

These characteristics as well as not using heavy elements in the production process make our products ideal for applications in organic and intensive farming, integrated production and other processes requiring maximum quality and efficiency with respect to the environment.
One of the main problems leading to the study, selection and subsequent production of amino acids is their production in a pure, free, optically and biologically active state.

The speed of racemization, the difficulty of keeping an active state for long periods, maintaining purity and the difficulty of a waste-free manufacturing process are barriers to mass production. The product's quality, based on amino acids, is directly connected to the way of its obtaining. In general, the used methods of hydrolysis of proteins with various existing variants and fermentation using specific fermentation microorganisms serve to break the bonds of proteins and peptides and release amino acids. The main factors limiting the production of a quality product are the amount of heavy metals formed during the technological process, the inability of obtaining products with a stable and specific amino acid profile, as well as doubtful sanitary guarantees of raw materials (livestock waste in most of cases).
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