for cleaning the soil and increasing yields,


According to official data, over the past 25 years, the humus content in the soil has decreased by an average of 20%, with the loss of 620 kg/ha/year of humus on arable lands in all regions of Russia, but especially in the fertile regions of the Black Lands, where the use of very aggressive chemical fertilizers for these ecosystems has also increased, mainly betting on monocultures and moving away from the practice of crop rotation.

Agricultural land areas are being reduced, the negative humus balance on arable land is growing, soil contamination with heavy metals is becoming more significant, and the quality of arable land is constantly decreasing.High doses of chemical fertilizers, applied to the soil for high yields, cause huge environmental damage to fertile land.

Questions about the effectiveness of using natural materials, such as zeolite, with a high content of amorphous silicon, high ion exchange capacity, unique adsorption and structural characteristics as fertilizers, ameliorants and soil conditioners, are considered for a long time. Zeolites can have a positive effect on the physico-chemical and agrochemical properties of the soil, optimizing their structural state and acid-base regime, as well as phosphorus and silicon nutrition of cultivated plants, which ultimately productively affects their yield and the quality of the output. In addition, zeolite is able to exert its sorption properties against many toxicants (heavy metals, residual amounts of pesticides, etc.), thereby contributing to the production of eco-friendly crop products. Moreover, the problem of using zeolite-containing mineral raw materials is of global importance, since they belong to one of the groups of biologically active and eco-friendly raw materials that are widely distributed in nature.

Currently, the company "The union of manufactures of organic fertilizers ZEO BIO" LLC, together with Organiczeo-bio S. L./ Spain and scientists from other countries, have developed and implemented organic fertilizers "ZEO-BIO"into production.

This fertilizer cannot be compared with known mineral fertilizers. This organic mineral fertilizer is made on the basis of the modified zeolite, enriched with low molecular weight amino acids and plant extracts. The principle of its action significantly differs from the general understanding of N, P, K's action. Based on the results of microfield experiments, scientists from Oryol State Agrarian University and Ulyanovsk State Agrarian University revealed prolonged activation of the phosphate-reducing microbial function of sod-podzolic soil under the action of zeolite, as a result of which the content of mobile (available) phosphorus compounds increased by 19-37 mg/kg of soil, or by 22-43%.

The introduction of zeolite into the soil drastically improved the physical condition of the arable layer, while, first of all, the number of agronomically valuable aggregates with dimensions of 0.25-10 mm during dry sieving increased (by 18.5%, absolute value) and the structural coefficient increased by 2 times. The soil became optimally dense (1.12 g /cm3). Decompaction of the arable layer occurred under the influence of the structuring effect of zeolite on the aggregate composition of the soil: polysilicon acids are able to bind soil particles into aggregates and the structure is improved by the formation of silicon bridges between them. Humic substances also contribute to the bonding effect of silicic acids.

Zeolites have an extremely large inner surface relative to their outer surface.

The porous microstructure of zeolites determines the possibility of introducing various useful components into them and creating high-performance, eco-friendly and cost-effective fertilizersZEO-BIO of a new generation on their basis.

L-Amino acids are a new type of biological organic biostimulants. They do not have a negative impact on the environment, increase soil fertility, are highly efficient and highly profitable. Amino acids quickly and easily penetrate cell membranes to the cell nucleus, providing access to essential nutrients naturally and more efficiently than chemical fertilizers. To obtain L-amino acids, no microorganisms are used, and the input materials are chemical elements that are part of the amino acid formulas, such as C, N, O, H, S..., obtained by extraction from purified organic compounds, the same ones that are used by cells in the process of biosynthesis. The mechanism of the action of amino acids (AA), obtained in the process of cellular biosynthesis, is experimentally investigated and the practical results of their applications are confirmed by 30 years of their use in agriculture and cattle breeding.

On the other hand, based on the extensive knowledge of the chemical and physical properties of zeolites, obtained as a result of research conducted in the last 20 years by research groups around the world, they provide us with a reliable basis for understanding their interaction when active amino acids are adsorbed by zeolites and the results of using this new bio-fertilizer ZEO-BIO: Zeolites + AA especially as ecological nutrients for agricultural crops.

It is important that the remaining amino acids available on the market, obtained by any of the following processes: chemical synthesis, acidic or enzymatic hydrolysis, or by fermentation using natural or GMOs (genetically modified microorganisms), do not interact with zeolites, since their molecule size is larger than the pore size of the crystal structure zeolites, and they do not penetrate into these pores. Amino acids have a molecular size of less than 10 angstroms, as well as a low molecular weight and intense biological activity (COO; NH3 +), they easily penetrate the microscopic pores of modified zeolite and actively participate in electron-ion processes inside zeolites.

The coincidence of the sizes of AA molecules <>micropores is not found in any other commercially available product containing amino acids obtained by other methods.
The use of modified natural zeolite, as a carrier of biostimulants, opens up great prospects. With this combination, a significant synergistic effect occurs, when the unique properties ofbiostimulants, combined with the active properties of zeolite, which itself is quite widely used in agriculture, bring a really significant result.

Modified zeolite, enriched with amino acids and plant extracts, has a high coefficient of cation exchange, which is induced when using a combination of zeolite + AA with soil, due to the potential difference existing in the near zone close to the plant root system. Zeolite + AA, loaded with N, P, K ions and trace elements, is an excellent transporter of these ions up to the microvilli zone of the root system, thus providing plant nutrition when it requires it, with maximum efficiency.
The effect of using this eco-friendly ZEO-BIO fertilizer is as follows:

A significant increase in the yield of all crops and on all types of soils. This increase will be higher the worse the soil conditions are.

Improvement in the medium-term and long-term fertility of soils where a new fertilizer is applied, resulting from the combination of Zeolites + AA. It has a complex positive effect on the chemical properties of the soil and the nutritional regime.
Important savings for farmers, when using this new biological fertilizer, its competitive price and nutritional efficiency are almost 100 %, compared to the expensive chemical fertilizers used so far, and their maximum consumption by plants is only in the range of 30-35 %.
Increasing plant resistance to diseases, pest attacks, drought, and soil pathogens.
Due to the rich content of natural chemical elements, this fertilizer prevents plant root diseases, serves as a source of trace elements and a soil thermoregulator, reduces the nitrate content in harvest by 8-20 %, the harvest is characterized by increased quality, high content of sugars, ascorbic acid.
Introduction ofZEO-BIO fertilizers into the soil enables to get more eco-friendly products. So, the content of one of the most toxic elements in corn grain – cadmium-decreased by 33 %.
ZEO-BIO FERTILIZER contains trace elements: copper, molybdenum, manganese, boron, zinc, cobalt. It is known that these microelements increase the drought and cold resistance of plants, their resistance to fungal diseases, activate metabolism, increase the protein content of cereals and legumes, sugar content of fruits and berries, etc.

This fertilizer has a prolonged effect from 3 to 5 years, increases the content of humus, phosphorus and potassium, reduces soil acidity, which favorably affects the growth and development of agricultural crops, positively affects the passage of reproductive phases of plant development, which leads to a reduction in the growing season, on average, by 7-12 days without compromising quality and quantitative indicators of the crop.

Technical Specifications have been developed for this product, which reflect all technical requirements and control methods. The product also has protocols of tests and research conducted at agricultural research institutes, agricultural universities,farms in Russia and abroad.

The fertilizer itself is light gray granules with a milky tint, the fraction size is 2-6 mm. The size of the fraction can be changed by agreement and request of the consumer. This size of pellets allows applying fertilizer together with the sowing of agricultural crops.

Currently, various agricultural crops have been sown, such as wheat, rye, barley, oats, millet, corn, sunflower, soy, rapeseed, as well as potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, beets in many regions of Russia and neighboring countries. These are Tatarstan, Chuvashia, Kirov Region, Voronezh Region, Krasnodar Territory, Volgograd Region, Ulyanovsk Region, Oryol Region, Stavropol Territory, etc.


Currently, to strengthen the country's food security, one of the priority tasks is to provide the Russian population with competitive livestock products. Increasingly, people consume chemically saturated products, and there is an acute problem of providing the country's population with eco-friendly and high-quality agricultural products (milk, meat, egg, etc.).

With the use of animals "as a biological machine", their regulatory mechanisms often fail and this entails severe consequences. On the background of low-component diets, animals are kept indoors, with no exercise. This leads to violations of the functional activity of their organs and systems, alimentary diseases develop, productivity and reproductive capacity decreases, weak offspring are born, and the quality of products deteriorates.

One of the most important problems of farm animals' nutrition is the lack of protein and mineral elements in feed. Proteins, amino acids and minerals play an important role in the metabolic process-the basis of the physiological functions of the body, and significantly affect the growth, development, productivity and reproductive function of animals. In the diet of productive animals, the lack of nutrients, mineral elements and vitamins is balanced by the use of premixes and feed additives. However, they do not always bring the desired effect, because they are inefficient products of chemical synthesis, which are poorly absorbed by the organism, and are expensive for cattle breeders and farmers.

Currently, there have been developed the recipes for premixes and feed additives based on modified zeolites, enriched with a concentrate of low molecular weight amino acids and plant extracts, with the aim to obtain eco-friendly and high-quality livestock products. This will allow solving a number of existing problems: the lack of mineral elements and amino acids in the animal diet; the realization of genetically inherent animal productivity; environmental safety of agricultural products; increasing the value and quality of the output; reducing feed costs for the production of livestock products.

There have been elaborated unique feed additives to balance the diet of animals, birds and fish, in order to increase their productivity, compensate for the lack of protein, amino acids and minerals, increase feed absorption, maintain immunity and recover from illness and labors.

FEED ADDITIVES «ZEO-AMINO» is a 100 % natural product.The natural mineral zeolite is processed in a special way under the influence of high temperatures and enriched with amino acids and plant extracts. It has a lattice of SiOSiO2and AlO4 tetrahedronswith cavities and canals, and contains up to 40 mineral elements and water molecules. The crystal lattice's structure allows capturing substances in liquid, gaseous and solid form and, if necessary, decompose them. It not only takes away harmful substances, but also givesthe useful onesto the organism. It serves as a carrier for amino acids, and due to synergistic interaction, it enhances the existing properties several times. Active Amino acids are a concentrate of free amino acids of high purity and biological activity: L-amino acids were obtained by cellular synthesis and are represented by six series of amino acids, including: lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, leucine, valine, arginine, each amino acid is represented separately andweakly connected.

Properties and benefitsof feed additives«ZEO-AMINO»:
  • They have a high biological activity.
  • They allow better assimilation of feed, reduces feed costs (up to 25%);
  • They do not contain any chemical components.
  • They increase milk yield (up to 30%); increase milk fat (up to 35%); increase milk fat content (up to 30%);
  • They increase live weight gain (up to 30%); improve carcass quality, increase meat yield (up to 20%); increase the quality composition and ecological value of meat;
  • They are a source of amino acids for the synthesis of new protein, a source of mineral elements, when there is a deficiency.
  • They improve appetite, digestion and assimilation of feed substances.They are well absorbed, stimulate beneficial microflora in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • They increaseorganism's metabolic processes, including protein metabolism, mineral homeostasis.
  • They promote the rapid onset of animals' molting.
  • They stimulate the body defenses after illness, labors and stress.
  • They restore reproductive ability, increase the probability of successful fertilization.
  • They increase thesafety and survival of young animals, are a growth stimulator, they increase protein anabolism in their organisms, allow them to digest feed better, reduce the effect of stress factors and help to recover after illness and antibiotic treatment.
  • They show themselves well in diets that are poor in protein and amino acids, and increase the efficiency of using the most deficient amino acids for the organism.
  • They increase productivity (by 8 ... 26 %), improve the taste and nutritional value of products.
  • They adsorb and remove radioactive substances, toxins, allergens and heavy metals.
  • They provide the output of high-quality, eco-friendly products.

Due to the synergistic interaction between the zeolite molecules and free amino acids, the amino acids in the zeolite molecular sieve (pores up to 9 angstroms) are distributed and the interaction with its cations occurs. Ion exchange is activated at the ultramolecular level.Once it gets into anorganism, weak bonds of zeolite cations with amino acids are destroyed, and the amino acids and cations of mineral elements necessary for protein synthesis are released. They easily penetrate the cell walls of the stomach and intestines and are quickly absorbed by the organism, stimulating the absorption of feed substances.

It does not pose any danger to humans, animals, birds and fish, is an eco-friendly material, it does not cause side effects, toxic effects, has no contraindications. There is no need to use special protective measures or additional equipment.

There have been developed formulas of feed additives for all types of animals, birds and fish. As a result of the work done, unique results were obtained in various parameters.

Currently, the feed additives«ZEO-AMINO»are used in the Voronezh Region, Kirov Region, Chuvashia, Tatarstan, Krasnodar Territory, in farms of the Stavropol Territory, Ulyanovsk Region, Armenia, and Turkey. Undeniably high results were obtained in various indicators.

A new generation of agricultural products has been developed in the area of agronomy, cattle breeding, poultry and fish farming, which are eco-friendly, safe and highly efficient.
Project manager Vladimir Shestukhin


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