Zeolite is a mineral thatmay have a wholesomeeffect on all areas of our life at the present moment as well as become a guarantee of our future.

This mineral is widely applied, therefore it can be used in agriculture, cattle breeding, industry, medicine and everyday life.

First, let's understand what a zeolite is. The name of the mineral "zeolite"originates from two Greek words: Zeo - to boil and Lithos–a stone, this can be explained by the process when the zeolite releases the air bubbles while being immersed into water and evolves the steam at high temperature.

Zeolites are crystalline nanoporoussolids. The pore diameter is about 1 nm. The mineral's structural specificity allows it to serve as sorbents and catalysts.

Natural zeolite is an eco-friendly sorbent that surpasses activated carbon in its qualities due to enhanced adsorption and its ion exchange.

The secret of its high significance is in the minerals' properties. Due to the porous molecular structure, they can accumulate and release water depending on environmental conditions, without being destroyed for high temperatures and radiation.

Natural zeolites can be met in nature in the form of transparent colorless crystals. They are found in processes of volcanic rocks, sandstones, crystalline schists.

Another significant property of the zeolite is the ability to attract and retain nitrogen molecules in the process of passing oxygen. As a result, with a special technology, oxygen of high purity is obtained. Oxygen is the most widespread chemical element on Earth. Its mass is about half of all naturally occurring elements. Silicon (up to 26%) is in the second place, followed by aluminum (up to 5%), ferrum (up to 5%) and calcium (up to 4%). Four of them (except for ferrum) constitute the zeolite mineral.
Zeolites are aqueous aluminosilicates of calcium, sodium, potassium, barium and other elements. The group of zeolites includes more than forty minerals, which differ both in composition (especially in the number of water molecules in the crystalline hydrate), and, of course, in physical and chemical properties. But almost all the group's representatives have a common property - they are good sorbents, have ion-exchange properties, may change the mobility of individual ions and act as molecular sieves.

The most common representatives of the zeolites' group are natrolite, chabazite, heulandite, stilbite, mordenite, thomsonite, and lomontite.

The benefit of the zeolite's filtering properties is very high. Zeolite filters pollution by heavy metals, such as: phenol, nitrates, ammonia, viruses, pesticides, chemicals, organics, ammonium, oil products. It is a so-called sieve for water's purification. Besides, it significantly reduceswater hardness and also increases the pH level, making the water more alkaline, which enhances its properties.

Zeolite, enriched with microorganisms, is one of the best soil cleaners. The sponge structure of the natural zeolite, enriched with microorganisms, restores soil fertility, helps to absorb and fight various types of pollution, and also removes impurities of ammonia, oil products, nitrates and nitrites, oils and even radioactive isotopes. Therefore, zeolite, enriched with microorganisms, has a prolongation of up to 5 years and is deemed an organic fertilizer that replaces pesticides, harmful to nature, and thus improves yields.
Economic efficiency and advantages of using zeolites, enriched with microorganisms, are:
  • educing the chemical fertilizers' use up to 100%
  • increasing the soil's biological productivity
  • pathogens' reduction
  • no environmental pollution
  • organic farming.
Renewal of the soil in nature takes more than one year. With the help of the zeolite, enriched with microorganisms, the process of land purification takes no more than 3 years, and the content of nitrogen and phosphorus increases.
Vladimir Shestukhin

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